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Venables Theatre
Posing for Mr. Wiser by Michael L. Poirier
Okanagan Zone Theatre Festival Event 4 of 7

Presented by Back Stage Theatre (Vernon)

Mr. Wiser is a retired police officer who has been soured over the years by a broken marriage, a son that never met his standards and dealing with the criminal element of society. Most of his depressive nature is self deserving. As a young man, he drew charcoal portraits to pay his way through college, in his retirement he decides that he will paint the new age "Mona Lisa". The only trouble is, the women he hires to pose take an hour or less of his attitude and never come back.

Emily Taylor, a twenty one year old, shows up at his studio to be his next victim; however she's different, she sees something in Mr. Wiser that others overlook. She comes back for a second sitting!

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