Sault Community Theatre
Box Office: 705-945-7299


There will be no refunds, returns or exchange of tickets sold by the Box Office except in respect of discretionary tickets as provided in Section 24, or in the event of the cancellation of an event as provided in the next Section:

Where an event is cancelled after tickets have been sold by the Box Office, the person or organization may arrange by new and separate agreement for the Box Office to participate in the process of the refund of tickets to patrons or it may conduct refunds on its own;

Before entering such an arrangement, the organization shall fully and satisfactorily complete final settlement of all matters in respect of the contractual use of the CTC and the Box Office;

The Box Office will then be available to refund tickets to patrons of the cancelled event for a period of time specified in writing and provided that the person or organization has placed the CTC in sufficient funds to cover the amount of the tickets sold plus any refund service charges applicable for the number of tickets that may be returned. Those funds shall be held in a trust account to the credit of the Organization and any remaining balance shall be repaid to it at the end of the refund period.

Commercial persons or organizations shall be charged a service fee of $2.00 for each ticket refunded. Non-profit community persons and organizations shall be charged a mutually agreeable service fee amount for each ticket refunded.