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Accessibility Information

Please notify us in advance when ordering tickets for patrons who need a wheelchair, have a walker, or who have difficulty with stairs. We do have an elevator to aid those who cannot manage stairs.

Wheelchair seating is limited to Table 8 (see seating chart below) because it is closest to the aisle. Walker use is limited by the spacing between the tables when they are fully occupied. You should be aware that it is best to come to the show early in order to be seated more readily. Once the show starts it may be difficult to get to the aisle, i.e. going to the washroom, unless you are seated at either table 7 or 8. It would be wise to request one of these tables if you need a walker.

In the event of an evacuation, patrons who have a walker or who have mobility difficulty should stay at their tables. When the aisles are cleared we will have designated staff to aid those patrons, who need help.