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Title: Classic Album-Led Zeppelin-Houses of the Holy
Venue: Orillia Opera House

Classic Album-Led Zeppelin-Houses of the Holy

Venue: Orillia Opera House

Classics Album Live-Led Zeppelin-Houses of the Holy

All Seats $45.50  There is an additional $1.13 per ticket when purchased online

Houses of the Holy...listen to the 'rain song'...seriously you should stop reading this and punch it up...it has to be one of the most beautiful songs ever written...Page's chords are unbelievable and Plant's lyrics are beautiful.  I feel that Plant never got the props for lyrics that he deserved...his wording coupled with that phrasing, it's magic, houses of the holy was my introduction to Zeppelin...I was 12 when it came out in 1973...the album cover was everywhere, every friend had an older sibling who owned this record.  Finally I heard 'the song remains the same', and that was it.  From then on my diet included a steady stream of Zeppelin; so many guitars, so many strange tunings it takes a trained and skillful musician to get all the strings together.  Luckily we have Dom Polito and luckily Dom has an airport hanger full of guitars.  People sometimes forget how great this album is.  Zep 2 and Zep 4 get listed high on all the lists but 'houses' is the fan favourite.  It's the album that cemented many of us to a life of Zeppelin.  Listen for the ringing phone...we're the only performers in the world who go to that trouble.  We're like that all the time.

Craig Martin Founder, Classic Albums Live

Note for Note, Cut for Cut

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