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If I Ever Get Out of Dublin

Allen D. Hume, local playwright , knows the ups & downs and highs & lows of travelling! After a wonky trip to Europe, Allen decided to put the experience to use and share it with theatre audiences by writing a new script entitled If I Ever Get Out Of Dublin. For those of us who have travelled abroad; we know about delays, obstacles, lost luggage, cold hotel rooms, expensive food and more; these are the bumps of travelling and in Allen’s new play ALL of those bumps and more are explored through two couples trying to get to their sunny destination of Faro, Portugal!

If I Ever Get Out Of Dublin is being produced by The Lighthouse Theatre Company and is being performed at the Al Whittle Theatre in Wolfville. The Lighthouse Theatre Company was founded a few years ago and has produced one successful show after another including Hume’s original works Creely Mountain Law, The Golf, Cheese & Chess Society, The Rink and to mix it up; Daniel McIvor’s Marion Bridge. Audiences have loved the local playwright’s characters, situations and presentations and The Lighthouse Theatre Company is very excited to be producing another of Hume’s efforts.

Besides writing If I Ever Get Out Of Dublin, Hume steps into the director seat for this effort; sharing his travelling experiences with the cast to get the authenticity of the many frustrations he experienced on his trip. But with frustration comes some humour and the script certainly has it’s moments of laughter and sharp wit. 

And what a cast that Hume has assembled! Local actors and actresses who’ve worked with Hume for years, including the founders of The Lighthouse Theatre Company; as well as Lighthouse newcomers who’ve fit in perfectly with the regulars. With a combined total of over 400 shows between them, this cast is certainly experienced and has gelled well to bring Dublin to local audiences. Cast members includes: Mike Butler, Candy O'Brien, Jamie Loughead, Linda Levy Fisk, Tracy Churchill, Hannah Fisk, and Ray Baltzer. 

When James and Sara (O’Brien & Butler) plan an anniversary trip to Faro, Portugal, all seems easy as pie until the hiccoughs of travelling start occurring left, right and centre. They meet Dave & Barb (Loughead & Fisk) and the foursome travel together through hilarious and discouraging obstacles to try and reach their final destination. Baltzer, Churchill and Fisk play an assortment of pilots, cab drivers, airport personnel and more.

Mike Butler