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2020 Summer Picnics

Venue: Concession Barn

2020 Summer Picnics

Option # 1 Trail Blazer

- Our great crusty baguette with roast beef, fresh lettuce and complimented with our zingy horseradish mayo

- Our broccoli cheese pasta salad is full of fresh florets, shredded cheddar and thinly sliced red onion all tossed together in a rich ranch dressing

Option # 2 Chicken Club Wrap

 Our flavourful wrap holds crisp leaf lettuce, sliced chicken breast, bacon, cheddar, tomato and onion. We top this with a delicious home style ranch dressing and compliment this sandwich with kettle chips on the side

Option # 3 A Taste of Home Summer Salad

- Award winning Crosswind Farm original chevre is topped on a bed of crisp greens featuring fresh blueberries, dried cranberries, mandarin segments, pumpkin seeds and walnuts

- We compliment this salad main with our local sweet maple syrup, white balsamic vinegar and lemon dressing

- Fresh roll and creamery butter included

Option # 4 LittleLeaf Microgreen and Pesto Chicken Wrap

- Beautiful local sunflower and speckled pea microgreens adorn our house made pesto and sweet onion drizzle grilled chicken

- Served with our classic couscous, feta, veggie and chick pea salad

Option # 5 Veggie and Hummus Deluxe Wrap

- Our flavourful wrap generously spread with classic chickpea hummus with plenty of fresh veggies laid on a crisp leaf lettuce

- Kettle chips on the side keep the crunch going

*All options also come with a dessert and fruit