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Event Information

Title: FASS presents: Fantasy and Fandoms
Venue: Humanities Theatre

Math, Arts, Engineering, AHS, Science and Environment. Once our first years are sorted

into their destined faculties, then their adventures begin!

From magical escapades to terrible co-ops, from fighting zombies to psychedelic exploits,
follow our plucky young protagonists on their journey through Fantasy and Fandoms! Our
show will be taking place on March 14th (8 pm), 15th (8 pm), and 16th (7 pm) at Humanities
Theatre in Hagey Hall. The theme is "Fantasy and Fandoms" and will draw from known
favourites such as Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, World War Z, Chronicles of Narnia,
Dr. Who, Sailor Moon, and more!

What is FASS:
Originally started in 1962, FASS is an amateur theatre company brimming with fun, inclusivity,
and creative opportunities for all. Predating many of the modern organizations on campus, we
strive to produce an original script each year in a span of five weeks, coming together as a
community to celebrate the art of theatre. From first years to seasoned UW staff members,
FASS has a wide range of contributing characters, as we do not turn a single person away.

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