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Title: Outlaw: Celebrating the Music of Waylon Jennings
Venue: Fergus Grand Theatre

If there is one performer who symbolizes the outlaw country movement of the 70's, it's Waylon Jennings. Fans loved his imposing baritone and stripped down, updated honky tonk style.

When he died, country music lost a superstar. If you were a Waylon Jennings fan seeing Bob Gills Tribute is like stepping into a time machine and seeing Waylon again!
You won’t want to miss a chance to relive one of his concerts by attending Bob Gill’s “Waylon Jennings Tribute Show”

Gill maintains a vast repertoire of Waylon's music.
Fan comments include: “Your show was unbelievable. Your tribute to Waylon gave us all goose bumps. You have captured his mannerisms and looks perfectly.”“Wow, this guy did his homework. He is an awesome talent.”

“If I close my eyes, I can believe Waylon was really singing. You sound great.”
Since Waylon's death in February 2002, Gill has focused on preserving his idol's music by perfecting a Legends Waylon Jennings tribute show.

When you look at Gill on stage, you think immediately of Waylon Jennings. Like Waylon, Gill sings with a style that seems to come from the soul, reflecting the joy and pain of a man who has experienced both in an adult dose.