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Title: Poor Angus, with special guests Poverty's Arse
Venue: Fergus Grand Theatre

Poor Angus appeals to both traditional purists
and modern audiences equally.
The combination of Scots, Irish and East Coast music styles bends every ear to delightful interpretations of Celtic music and ensures that one and all leave the show with a smile on their face
 and a song in their heart.

Andrew Bryan - fiddle, mandolin, vocals
Brian LeBlanc - bodhran, guitar, mandolin, vocals
DJ Moons - bass
Joel Guenther - vocals, guitar
Ross Griffiths - pipes, whistles, flute


Poverty’s Arse have been regularly packing local establishments for the past few years and are sure to be the perfect start
 to a fun,music filled night!!

Jason Howard – bodhran, vocals
Will Penney – guitar, vocals


Cash Bar
(beer and wine)


WeeAlec Productions